Summer School “CHALLENGES OF ETHNOTOURISM AND ECOTOURISM IN LATGALE AND SELONIA” is an excellent opportunity to experience Eastern Latvia and learn Latvian language in multicultural environment.

Latvian Language and Culture Summer School “CHALLENGES OF ETHNOTOURISM AND ECOTOURISM IN LATGALE AND SELONIA” comprises two parts: Latvian language learning and regional tourism practice with integrated language learning. 

DATE: October, 2-11, 2020

You will experience:

  • interactive intensive Latvian language learning;
  • practical language tours via excursions in Latgale, meeting national cuisine, traditions cultural heritage and objects and institutions in Latgale and Selonia with important role in regional ecotourism and ethnotourism; 
  • acquaintance with ancient crafts and modern innovations in regional context;
  • unique opportunity to visit municipality institutions;
  • participation in press conferences and cooperation with regional mass media;
  • building new contacts with people all over the world.


Bachelor, master, doctoral students, academic and research staff of foreign higher education institutions are welcome to participate in summer school.


  • The amount of the Latvian scholarship granted by the VIAA for summer school is 711,00 EUR per person for the duration of the summer school. 
  • The scholarships will be transferred by the VIAA to the summer school organizers, no money will be handed out to the Latvian scholarship winners.
  • The participants of the summer schools have to cover travel expenses from the country of origin to the summer school location in Latvia themselves.
  • There are only 10 scholarships available for participation in the Summer School. The winners will be selected by evaluating motivation letters, where the reason of participation should preferably be indicated. 
  • Scholarship covers accommodation, catering, lectures, workshops, excursions and study tours, and all cultural activities.
  • Students will be ensured with the living place in Biplan Hotel (18. novembra iela 50, Daugavpils), that is 15 min. walk to University.
  • It is possible to participate in the Summer School for chargeparticipation fee is 490,00 EUR per person. All expenses are included. Travel expenses should be paid by the participants.


  • The language of instruction is Latvian and English. 
  • All students will be provided with language learning materials. 
  • Students  completing a course will be issued a certificate of attendance (6 ECTS).


More information and online application form is available here.


Feel free to contact us!


Daugavpils is the second bigest city in Latvia and is located in Eastern part of Latvia.  Latvia and, in particular, Eastern region has a very advantageous geopolitical situation – on the border between the European Union and Russia, Belarus, which in the future could become a major economic challenge platform. Daugavpils in this situation is a model of multinational, multi-linguistic and multi-religious society where people are tolerant towards the different minority traditions and lifestyle. Eastern Latvia has created a unique nature areas, which attracts with its primitivism and charm, as well as compliance with the highest environmental standards. Daugavpils is a spacious, green city with a delightfully provincial charm. Despite its quaint atmosphere and low prices, the city possesses fully modern services. 

More information and facts about Daugavpils can be found here: http://www.visitdaugavpils.lv/en/tourism/daugavpils.

In order to strengthen the Eastern region of Latvia and Latvian sustainability, it is essential to attract students from abroad. In order to successfully engage in the study process and already during their studies establishing cooperation with the business community, visitors need Latvian language skills at least at the basic level and understanding of the Latvian society – communication patterns, national symbols, festivals, rituals, traditions, stereotypes, cultural and economic priorities. 

This project has been funded with support from State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia

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