Instagram Tourism

Latvian Language learning

Arrival, accommodation

Opening event

Visit of Daugavpils Tourist information centre

Daugavpils Walking Tour


Latvian language learning

City excursion by retro tram

Visit of nature park "Daugavas Loki" and Slutišķi Old Belivers' Rural Courtyard


Latvian Language learning

Visit of Nature park "Dvietes paliene", farm "Apsītes" and "Ozolāji"

Seminar "Types of ecotourism, Route Planning and mapping" in Daugavpils University study and research centre “Ilgas” 

The component of Culture in Tourism

Latvian language learning

Making of Floral Dictionary

Visit of Rainis Museum "Tadenava"

Culinary Tourism. The synergy of ethotourism and ecotourism.

Latvian Language learning

Visit of horse ranch "Klajumi", cooking workshop

Visit of farm "Kurmīši"

Visit of home manufactory "Skudru gaļa"

The component of History in Tourism

Latvian Language learning

Walking tour in Daugavpils Fortress

Visit of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre and bat centre

Song Tourism

Latvian Language learning

Acquaintance with song and dance traditions in Latvia

Visit of Daugavpils Latvian Culture Centre

Medical Tourism

Latvian Language learning

Visit of Daugavpils University study and research centre “Ilgas” 

Visit of Sauna in Višķi

Tourism and Advertisement Industry

Latvian Language learning

Visit of regional media TV studio


The Day of Guides

Integrated Lesson "Latgale and Selonia TOP 10 - MUST SEE!" 

Closing Event and certification of participants

Photos from previous Summer School:

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This project has been funded with support from State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia

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