Day 1
August 11
📖 My Identity
🔍 Introduction to Latvia as Border Country and Eastern Latvia as Border Territory
Day 2
August 12
📖 Latvia and Latgale: Territorial and Historico-cultural Division. Territorial and Mental Boundaries
🔍 Daugavpils Multiethnicity and Religious Diversity as Characteristics of Border Area
Day 3
August 13
📖 Border Area Landscape, Fauna and Flora in Eastern Latvia
🔍 Border Area Nature Resources  for Development of Eastern Latvia
Day 4
August 14
📖 Border Area in Words, Colours and Sounds
🔍 Cultural Values of Border Area in Latvian Culture Canon: Rainis
Day 5
August 15
📖 Border Area Menu in Eastern Latvia
🔍 Border Area Gastrotourism
Day 6
August 16
📖 Border Area Inhabitants and History
🔍 Historical heritage of the Border Area
Day 7
August 17
📖 Leisure and Entertainment
🔍 Border Area Challenges for Lifelong Learning, Leisure, Hobbies and Relaxation
Day 8
August 18
📖 Body. Feeling. Health.
🔍 Traditional and Innovative for Ecological Lifestyle: Offers of Eastern Latvia
Day 9
August 19
📖 Secrets of Border Area. Final Test
🔍 The presentation of Easten Latvia Border Area Traditions.
Day 10
August 20
📖 Integrated Class “News from Border Area”
🔍 Closing Event

📖 – Latvian Language Learning Module
🔍 – Border Area Phenomenology Module

This project has been funded with support from State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia